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I am a digital creator. I create digital planner pages, cover sets, bullet journals, printable pages, colouring pages, templates, Canva templates, digital stickers and more.

I got into digital planning because I hate paper and multiple books laying around or to having to carry with me at all times. Using my tablet, phone and laptop syncs the programs so I always have a planner accessible quickly.

I started creating my own digital planners as I found most of the ones I found were missing one thing or another so I started fooling around and figured out I LOVED designing them.

I use Microsoft One-note mostly for my planning as I like how its automatically tabbed but any .pdf annotation program will work as well (metimoji, xodo, etc)

Create your own planner!

Have you ever wondered how we create digital planners? Maybe want to try it yourself and create a custom one that suits your own needs or start a small business selling planners and printable on Etsy or Amazon KD? 


I have a awesome quick solution. I have templates already made all you need to do is adjust, change colours and boom your very own digital planner.  Click the button to check it out! 

Want some freebies?

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