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I am a Chalk Couture Designer and this is how I create my one of a kind home decor and gifts.

This page will have information to help you understand Chalk Couture a little bit more.

Feel free to read my blogs on different topics and watch my videos on projects I have created.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. 

Club Couture is the fastest growing monthly subscription DIY Home Decor Club. Create a new project every month with an exclusive transfer, not available in the catalog or on the website. $19.99 usd or $26.99 cnd gets you a 8"x11.5" reusable transfer, 3 coordinating pastes and it ships to you automatically with free shipping AND deals directly from Head Office... PLUS there is more!!! When you join and hit certain milestone you get deals from me too!!

What is the Club Couture Transfer of the Month


Where can I buy Chalk Couture?

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To place an order please feel free to reach out to me first so I can give you a great deal.